Slovenia is the only country in Europe connecting four completely different geographical worlds: the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst. One moment you are admiring the snowy mountains, than you look away and see the sea. The world of beautiful contrasts is the best hallmark of Slovenia. 


* Bled is one of Slovenia`s most popular tourist resorts, and it is almost a rule that no one leaves Slovenia without visiting the area. Bled is renowned for its mild, healing climate and thermal lake water. 

* The bell in St Mary`s Church on Bled island has its own legend. It sank to the bottom of the lake during its transport to the island. Later on, the Pope sent a new bell for the church. Local legend says that visitors who ring the bell in the church will have their wishes granted. 

* Villa Bled, luxurious lakeside mansion nowadays transformed to a hotel, was formerly a residence of the Yugoslav president Tito. 

* When visiting Bled, one must try "Kremshnita" - delicious traditional Bled vanilla and cream pastry! 

* Ljubljana old city combines the heritage of the medieval period with Baroque and Art Nouveau masterpieces, ancient Roman monuments and the unique legacy of the architect Joze Plecnik. 

* The most romantic theory about the meaning of Ljubljana`s name is the one connecting it to love... It stems from the word "Ljubljena" or "the beloved". 

* Postojna Cave is Europe’s biggest and most beautiful caves. It is a 20-kilometer labyrinth of subterranean passages filled with fantastic stalagmites, glistering stalactites and other rock formations. The tour of the cave starts with a 2 km tourist train ride that takes you further into the caves, from where there is a walking path that allows you to admire the splendor and size of the underground world.